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Mr. and Mrs. Ozawa

What was the factor in choosing rings?

I chose this engagement ring, because of the good balance between the size of diamonds and its delicate design. This ring is fit for my small hands. As for wedding bands, I was looking for a gold one, and found honey yellow color and a rounded design very lovely. This soft colored wedding band is harmonious with a platinum engagement ring.

How do you feel wearing your rings?

Simple and rounded design is very good and comfortable to wear.

My husband always wears his wedding band at work and says that it might be resistant to scratches.

please give some advice to those who are going to choose rings.

Try on many rings until you find your best ones. My hands are small with short fingers, and my husband has large hands. So it seemed difficult to find good rings for both of us. Among many rings, these rings are great for smooth feelings and matching up with our skin colors.


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